Sunday, November 11, 2007

Out of sync

NASHVILLE -- The thing that strikes you, after a few minutes, is the absence of a band.

No noise to make during time outs. No "Rocky Top." (Which, upon reflection, may be a blessing.) In short, an NFL game can be mighty boring, especially when Vince Young and the offense are out of sync.

My mind wanders as I look around the stadium. It's a big place. Don't think I've seen thousands of people this quiet since that Florida debacle back in '94. I've forgotten the score. All I remember is the Vols didn't ever find the end zone.

I'm restless. Don't care much about the game.

The guy beside me is a friendly enough fella. So we chat. But he's all into the Titans and doesn't talk much. At the end of the day, when Jacksonville clasps victory firmly in its grasp, this fella looks like he's lost his best friend. I say good-bye, tell him we have to drive back to Knoxville, pat him on the back, see you later.

Nobody's on the road as the sun sets on the colors of autumn. We get back in time for supper and tunes at Barley's.

But, guess what? Even "Listen to the Radio" and "These Dreams of Mine" can't shake me from this spell. When the sweet sounds of RobinElla can't cure what ails you, something's up indeed.

I'd like to tell you she's the last song I heard tonight. Either Robin and "Mistakes" or Frank Sinatra and the losers on the iPod during the 15 minute jaunt home.

But, no. Something else shuts my thoughts down tonight. And, as incredulous as it seems, the song seems to fit, the one thing that makes sense on an otherwise out of sorts kind of day.

How do you keep the music playing/How do you make it last???

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