Thursday, June 19, 2008

I wonder...

It's pitch dark out here tonight.

Off in the distance, a dog barks, somewhere to the south of my patio. A car lazily drives around the loop in the neighborhood, headed off into the night.

I'm sitting on the porch, typing on my new computer, enjoying a drink. I'm glad the day is over. Today is deadline day. It's always rough.

Things are tough here in Knox Vegas. I've been giving Mayor Mike Ragsdale and County Commission hell in my column. I do so because I truly believe in classroom teachers. I believe they need raises. I think they are unsung heroes.

I wonder sometimes how we got to this point. I wonder how this country, this sweet, beautiful, imperfect but mostly good-natured country, has lost its way. I wonder if we'll ever learn to listen to each other.

I wonder frankly how I voted for George W. Dumbass -- twice. I wonder why we let these so-called "wedge issues," things that don't really matter, consume us, while the real problems go unsolved.

I wonder if several women in my life know how much I truly love them. I wonder if some others know how glad I am they're gone.

I wonder if I'll find for myself what I caught a glimpse of just a few days ago. (For the record, I think I will.) I wonder if some broken hearts ever mend.

I wonder if men and women will ever realize that we're more alike than not when it comes to the things that truly matter. I wonder if we'll ever get over our biases, prejudices and fears.

I wonder if the Braves will ever again reach the Promised Land. I wonder if the Tigers have really hit a stride.

Sometimes I think I wonder too much.

But I'm glad I do.

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