Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The last pitch of summer

Well, the rain has managed to make a mess of my Wednesday. Can't complain, though. God knows we need the wet stuff.

But, I guess it means I won't make it up to Smokies Park for the last pitch of summer. The entire season has come and gone and I managed to make it to the ol' ball game a grand total of one time. It's a bitch growing up, I tell ya.

May try to meet my friend Kurt Pickering in Chattanooga this weekend to catch the closing game of the season. We'll see. Kurt works for FEMA in Atlanta and may have his hands full with all this hurricane bid'ness.

Since baseball is out, I'm going to take my mom out to eat tonight. We're headed to my favor-ite North Knox eatery, Louis'. Regardless of what you might have read elsewhere, it's a great place to eat. Best spaghetti in town.

Meanwhile I'm sitting here in Halls on a rainy Wednesday afternoon, mulling over the fleeting moments of summertime, and how it slipped away when I wasn't looking.

Spring seems far, far away, indeed.


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