Friday, August 01, 2008

The song

I can't figure this one out. Maybe you can.

It reached up and bit me in a place where, and at a moment when, I was most vulnerable. Like a key, it unlocked something I thought had been hidden away forever. Just exactly what, I cannot say.

It was painful, but it was poignant, and beautiful, and all those other fancy words poets use to explain something so intangible.

Guess this is what happens when you play around with YouTube while eating lunch. But, I found the song, one I'd forgotten, and thought about what it meant back then, and what it says now.

It's a funny thing, these songs. They may not affect you like they do me. But I can hear one and fall to pieces on a cloudless day. Or, I can hear another on some forgettable afternoon when the sky won't snow and the sun won't shine, and thereafter be stepping on the clouds.

Good songs are pieces of time, moments you remember, moments you can't forget, even if you want to. It's a little about the lyric and a little about the singer. A tiny slice is about the moment and where you are in your life when you hear it.

It's as powerful as a steamroller and as simple as a solitary tear. It's wonderful and magical and awful and terrible, usually all at once.

God bless the wordsmith, who maybe knows something about what lies hidden within. And God bless the musicians in the band, who make it happen night after night. And, of course, God bless the singer, who exposes a soul for the world to hear.

And God bless the song, powerful as a steamroller, simple as a solitary tear.



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