Tuesday, November 11, 2008

On and on...

Funny how one door opens when another is shut.

That's a cliche, I know. But I guess cliches become cliches because they contain a little bit of truth.

Made a pact with myself that I'm going to take life as it comes. No more worrying over what will never happen. No more flying into the stratosphere and crashing into the ditch. Less brooding, solipsistic introspection and more shrugging of the shoulders, "it's just that it's just that way."

And it's curious. Even when things don't work out they way you hoped, they might just take an unexpected turn that happens better than if you'd planned it.

Stephen Bishop has a song I like very much. It says that when things go wrong, "I don't care, I just dream and stay tan. Toss up my heart to see where it lands. On and on, I just keep on tryin'. And, I smile when I feel like cryin', on and on..." Sounds good to me.

Seems like we make life harder than it actually is. Oh, I know it throws its curves. Things happen that we need to worry about. But, most of what we concern ourselves with is soap bubbles, something imagined that never comes to pass, stress we don't need, drama of our own making.

So here's to buckling the seat belt, punching the accelerator, applying the brakes when necessary, but in general rolling down the window and enjoying the ride. Toss up my heart to see where it lands.

On and on, I just keep on tryin'...


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