Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jesus on a marquee

I first noticed the Jeep 4x4 because it sported a scrolling marquee.

Didn't catch the words at first. I was startled by the driver, who appeared to be yelling.

All this happened on Henley Street downtown near the World's Fair site. I couldn't make out the driver's words, so I looked again at the marquee.

Scrolling across it in red letters were ditties like "Adultery is a sin."

It hit me that the driver was yelling into a speaker system the same stuff I sometimes hear street preachers yell on Market Square at lunch hour or on Saturday mornings at the corner of Maynardville Highway and Cunningham Road. This one, I guess, decided to take his show on the road.

I turned onto Hill Avenue, mulling this over in my mind, when I noticed a bumper sticker on a Volvo in front of me.

"Jesus would recycle," it read.

Bookends, on a Monday afternoon, driving to the school board.


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