Thursday, May 12, 2011

How one phone call can make your day

Rarely does a newspaper writer hear from pleased readers. We normally just get the complaints.

That's OK. It's human nature. Goes with the territory. Frankly, I'm glad to know somebody cares enough to call.

But, this morning, I had a message waiting for me on my office phone. The woman identified herself as a reader from Luttrell.

"I just got around to reading your articles about the Vietnam veterans and the Korean veterans. I enjoyed them so much. I just had to call and tell you. Keep up the good work."

Folks, this is going to sound corny as all get out, but that means more to me than a raise or a Pulitzer Prize. And I mean that.

My colleagues finally talked me into entering my work in the Golden Press Card Awards this year. I had hesitated from doing so for several years, mainly because like George C. Scott said about the Oscars and actors, I don't believe that writers should compete against one another in such a manner. Plus, the story isn't about me, it's about your friends and neighbors, the people I write about. They deserve the awards.

I was quite humbled to receive an honorable mention in the feature writing category. But, the reader's phone call this morning means more to me than all the gold in California.

And you can take that to the bank.


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