Sunday, March 10, 2013

Blog note: book review to come...

For any readers from the Shopper-News looking for my review of Halls High School grad Beverly "Belle" Blackburn's first novel, "The Doctor's Daughter," it will appear later this week.

My sincerest apologies to Belle and to everyone for not having it completed yet. I am continuing to have industrial-strength headaches in the aftermath of nose/sinus surgery, which has reduced the amount of time I can read, and we have also had a sudden death in the family.

I hope to have the review posted by Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest.

You can check out my interview with Belle beginning tonight (Sunday, March 10) by clicking on the Halls/Fountain City edition of the Shopper at and scrolling over to page A-3.  Her book is available for a $2.99 digital download at Amazon and is also available in paperback.


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