Tuesday, September 04, 2012

The rain in Maine

Waterville, Maine -- Boothbay Harbor looks more than a bit like Cabot Cove, but, alas, "Murder, She Wrote" was filmed in Mendocino, Calif.

Still, we enjoyed the charming village, its harbor and the fine-looking Fisherman's Wharf Inn. Jenn took my picture beside it.

Jim woke us up early enough this morning to see several of Maine's 10 prettiest villages, at least those named as such by the readers of Down East magazine, before the rains came.

We saw a loon in Dameriscotta. Jenn shot a fantastic photo I would share here had her company not blocked that function on her iPad.

We ate lunch at Moody's Diner in Waldoboro, serving hungry motorists along U.S. 1 since 1927. In true Matlock fashion, I ordered a hot dog. Jenn got a BLT.

Jim and Judy took us to what's left of the original Maine State Prison, inspiration for "The Shawshank Redemption." Prisoners sell wooden items in the Showroom. The state collects the cash.

Henry Knox (Knoxville, anyone?) had a home here called Montpelier. We passed by.

The formal part of our day ended at Owls Head Headlight. The Maine rain began to fall. Fog rolled in to the shoreline. The lighthouse was bright. The fog horn didn't blow.

On the way back to Waterville we passed Hussey's General Store. Its marquee boasts:

"Guns, Wedding Gowns, Cold Beer."

The essentials of life...


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