Sunday, September 02, 2012

The Way Life Should Be

Greetings from Maine.

Autumn has arrived in this beautiful state, one that boasts, "The Way Life Should Be."

Gentle rain fell as we picnicked in Acadia National Park. It continued in Bar Harbor, that charming coastal town, climax of the coast of Maine. We may return for Christmas.

I bought a book about this coastline by Christopher Camuto at Sherman's. "Time and Tide in Acadia." Awesome.

We ate fresh lobster tonight ($4.99/pound at the grocery). I drank an overrated English beer while fighting the dead red crustacean.

We are staying in Waterville with Halls High graduate Jim Marine and his wife, Judy. Dr. Richard Hornberger, late of Waterville, wrote the novel "MASH" under the nom de plume Richard Hooker, by the by.

It is laid back, peaceful, perfect. You see green, lots of it, spruce-fir forest in Acadia, undeveloped land elsewhere. I could live here, even in winter, calm, quiet, "The Way Life Should Be."

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