Sunday, April 28, 2013

Rainy night in Knoxville...

Lazy, rainy Sunday. 

That's OK. I needed a day to detox.

Had fun last night at the annual Halls High Alumni Dinner. Was honored to induct three fine gentlemen -- Hubert LaRue, Dr. Jim Marine and David Sharp -- into the Alumni Hall of Fame.

Woke up this morning to the sound of the thunder, with apologies to Bob Seger, but most of the day it just rained. It's cool, too, a Dogwood Winter, or so they tell me. May flowers should be beautiful after all these April showers. 

I read the newspapers and watched CBS Sunday Morning. Neat show about all those future predictions from the mid-20th century that didn't come to pass (yet). Flying cars, George Jetson's house, Pan Am trips to the moon.

Caught the first part of Jonathan Schwartz's "Sunday Show" on Sirius/XM 40s on 4. He played a late Sinatra recording that fit today's mood, "It's Sunday." Take a listen. It's just Francis Albert and a guy playing guitar.

Also got caught up on my reading, took a nap, watched a couple of episodes of "Star Trek." Really liked the one about the Shakespearean actor who, 20 years prior, was a murdering dictator.

Tried to listen to a radio episode of "Gunsmoke," but I kept getting interrupted. It's OK. I think I've heard it before. I'm sure Marshal Dillon did OK without me.

Now I'm listening to Sinatra again, the Capitol "Point of No Return" album. Didn't feel like TV tonight. I'll catch up with my DVRed shows later in the week.

I should have one last Blogging the Book installment tomorrow or Tuesday on Belle Blackburn's "The Doctor's Daughter: Journey to Justice." I am almost finished. Don't worry, I'm not going to spoil the ending.

Hope you enjoyed a great weekend. See ya soon.


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