Saturday, August 31, 2013

The *real* University of Tennessee fight song(s)

Happy New Year, college football fans!

Yes, it's the first Saturday of the season, which for most of us means happiness AND heartbreak are just around the bend.

But, the year is young, so let's be optimistic and, as someone who attended and graduated (summa cum laude, baby!) from the University of Tennessee, let me say "Go Big Orange!"

Best of luck to Coach Butch Jones as he leads the Volunteers through the T today and all season. It's going to be a bumpy ride, maybe for awhile, but nobody wants to see Rocky Top glow again more than I.

Above, you will see a photo of Butch listening to my all-time favorite UT coach, John Majors, who is no doubt telling him to stress the kicking game, special teams, and most importantly, to "Attack, attack, attack! Always attack!"

And, for all you young 'uns out there, especially those who insist on inserting that obnoxious "woo" into "Rocky Top," here is the *real* UT fight song(s).

Go Vols, and wherever you are, may your team enjoy a great year, unless you're playing Tennessee or unless you are Vanderbilt on any given week.

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