Monday, September 23, 2013

Lt. Stanley K. Smiley

Hi gang.

Hope you survived Monday.

Have to make this one short and sweet. I had to be taken to the doctor. Somehow, I have managed to strain my lower back. And, I have a massive migraine to boot.

But I wanted to take a moment to mention Lt. Stanley K. Smiley.

Lt. Smiley was either captured or went missing on July 20, 1969 -- ironically the day Neil and Buzz landed on the moon -- in Laos.

I have worn POW/MIA bracelets for years. My last one broke and I bought this one through an organization that gives the profits to veterans' affairs and benefits programs.

If any member of Lt. Smiley's family reads this blog, please call me through my office at (865) 922-4136. I would love to talk to you. I am going to research Lt. Smiley and his story after I convalesce.

This bracelet in microcosm is a memorial for all American POW/MIAs in every war, and is especially for those who didn't make it home.

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