Thursday, September 26, 2013

"The 'rawness' of Fulmer's dismissal..."

I read with interest this morning a story by featured columnist Brad Shepard on the website Bleacher Report.

In it, he says that Tennessee football coach Butch Jones has welcomed back former UT coach Phillip Fulmer, who attended his first practice since being forced out in 2008. Fulmer also addressed the team at Jones' request.

In the article, Shepard writes, "Now, enough time has passed for the rawness of Fulmer's dismissal to heal."

The rawness of Fulmer's dismissal

Interesting phrase.

My memory goes back further than the mid-to-late 1990s.

I remember Coach George "Bad News" Cafego receiving a used van (one the women's basketball team took to away games), given to him as a gift on George Cafego Day (Sept. 6, 1980) at the Georgia game. Those who know say that Coach Cafego -- a heck of a player in his day -- returned the van, never said a word, but was deeply hurt.

I recall Ray Mears being denied entrance into the Ray Mears Room at Thompson-Boling Arena. I know that, for some strange reason, Ray Mears Boulevard isn't located on campus.

 I recall a press conference in Memphis on Friday, Nov. 13, 1992.

And I also recall the words of Mrs. John Elizabeth Bobo Majors:

"I've given one son to Tennessee. Now, I've given another."

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