Friday, December 20, 2013

After Hours

TCM on the TV, Sinatra on the stereo.

Here's to the end of a wild week. Hello, Old Fezziwig!

The motion picture is muted. Something with Glenn Ford. Sinatra is singing with Bill Miller (and I suspect others) at the piano. "After Hours." Limited edition release. Part of a present. To myself, naturally.

You'd be so nice by the fire...

Survived my solo show on WDVX. What fun. Jim Childs and I jazzed up the holiday with two hours of the familiar (and a few surprises!). Nice and easy, you might say.

Tonight, I met friends after work, headed home, plopped up my feet on the couch, turned down the lights.

I like listening to music with monochrome flickering from the flatscreen.

Oh my dear, our love is here to stay...

Sunday is Jonathan Schwartz's holiday party. Wouldn't miss it. Listen here at noon (EST).

Hope you survive the last weekend before Christmas. If you motor to the mall, don't go mad.

I'll be here, singing a song, remembering when, after hours and anytime.


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