Monday, January 27, 2014

Wax is where it's at, baby!

Yep. Got caught red-handed doing what I love best -- digging through vinyl records.

I'm delighted that records are hip again. I never got rid of mine. Always preferred the sound. Any audiophile worth a damn will tell you it's superior to tape, disc and digital downloads.

Oh, sure. I've got plenty of those, too. But as my buddy Ross Southerland says, "Wax is where it's at, baby!"

I read an article in one of the papers the other day that said vinyl sales were up something like 130 percent (how do you do anything more than 100 percent?) in 2013, although it still only counts for a few percentage points of overall music sales.

Anyway. I love it. Have two turntables in two different rooms and too many records to count.

Headed over to Happy Holler yesterday and ducked into Raven Records and Rarities. Found a few. Dino Martin. Elvis Himselvis. Billy Joel. It's a terrific treasure hunt. The initiated know what I mean.

We've got several great record stores in town. Lost and Found is another. I hear Basement Records is back in business. And my buddy Spencer has told me about a small store in Sequoyah Hills. Gotta get over there someday soon.

After roaming 'round the records, I ducked into Central Taps and Flats for a pint of stout. The sign out front said, "Happy Hour -- All Day -- Screw it, let's drink!"

Methinks Dino would approve.

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