Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Migraines and other monsters

Well, it's going to be a long night. (Expletive deleted) migraines. Ugh.

I've told you before that I don't like to complain. So many people are facing terrible circumstances, much worse than mine. In that sense, I'm grateful.

I'm also tired of constant, debilitating pain. I keep writing this blog (almost daily if I can swing it) just to stay sane.

It's nearly 3 a.m. as I write. I know tomorrow (well, later today) will be a long time, to paraphrase Dylan, but I can't get to sleep. So, I'm listening to the PBS "NewsHour" and talking to you.

I'm worried about the Ukraine situation. Scared about what Putin might do. Maybe it's just old, baseless fears. I hope so.

The Winter Olympics are over. My pal Dean and I may be the winter games' most passionate fans (at least in North Knox County), which is fine. I get caught up in the spectacle. Like Dean said, for two weeks we can at least pretend we're a world together as one, putting politics aside for sport.

Here is a favorite piece of music as a "So long!" salute to Sochi.

What else is new?

Before the massive migraine, I read a touching memoir by Jerry Lewis on his years with his old partner Dean Martin. It's a sad tale, one not told by an idiot. Jerry Lewis has been underrated for years. How frustrating that only the French seem to appreciate the best of his films.

Speaking of Dino, I bought the Bear Family box set "Return To Me." These are the Capitol recordings from the lush years. Warm, inviting work that Dino recorded just before he became a superstar for Reprise and on TV.

Well, I'm going to listen to the news and hope it lulls me to sleep. Hope you're having a better evening than I.

See ya soon. Good night, and good luck.


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