Friday, May 11, 2007

And mother makes two...

What a week.

You know about my problems. Turns out I have at least four stones in the left kidney and at least two stones in the right. I go Monday to have them removed. Cross your fingers for me; there is no guarantee the procedure will be a success. And it comes with some risks.

Now get this. My grandfather wakes me up this morning and scares me half to death.

"Your mother has been taken to the emergency room," he says. "Your grandmother and I are going there now."

"Wait," I say, still out of it. "What's wrong?"

Got a guess?

How'd you know? Kidney stones.

Yep, mom has two of them, both in her left side. I went to see her after I returned from UT hospital getting prepped for Monday's surgery.

They've given her a 50 percent chance of passing her stones. She goes to the urologist next week.

"I go to great lengths to get out of taking you to the hospital," she jokes.

"Well, I don't want to hear you complain unless you have four or five in there," I joke back.

I'm relieved it turned out to just be stones. She'd been complaining of pain in the bladder and lower back and she'd spotted blood in her system. Some Mother's Day weekend for her, huh?

This is a May to forget. We're just all glad it's nothing more serious.


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