Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Sunday Show

Sunday afternoons, if I am home, are often reserved for music.

If I tire of the NFL game of the week or the baseball game or whatever sporting event is being played at a particular point in the calendar year, I'll stay with Jonathan Schwartz's "Sunday Show" on XM. This afternoon, he played a cut from Nat King Cole's album "Sings For Two In Love" early in the game.

Out of a dream, straight into my heart...

Schwartz is treating us today. He's playing Johnny Mercer singing a medley of his own hits, at some forgotten concert at a New York hotel.

Jon says it was 120 degrees that night (the air conditioning wasn't working or something) and Frank Sinatra, also on the bill, was in his shirt-sleeves. He got a tape, he says, because he knew the sound guy.

It's something to hear Mercer sing his own work. Means a little more, you know? This might be the late, great Bill Miller accompanying him on piano. I can't tell.

It's going to be tough to break away to the Colts game at this rate.

Tonight, if nothing happens, I'll meet a dear friend at Barley's about 7 to enjoy dinner and that sweet Appalachian sound. You know what (and who) I mean.

And, if that falls apart, I'll lean back in the easy chair, put "Sinatra Sings For Young Lovers" on the turntable and swing easy into the night.

I love these lazy Sunday afternoons, in case you can't tell.

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Anonymous Shraddha said...

Hi Jake,
I happened to hear the Sunday Show today as well and really like the melody that opened the show (it's a lilting, sixties-Astrud Gilberto-esque woman vocalizing and transposing). I was looking for the name of the song on the web and bumped into your blog. Would you happen to know what the melody is called?
Thanks, Shraddha

9:14 PM  
Blogger Jake Mabe said...


Thanks much for reading and for the comment.

That's an excellent question as to the melody that opens "The Sunday Show." Jon Schwartz has never told the name of it. It's (apparently) a secret or a gimmick or whatever -- but he never has revealed the name of the song. If you find out, please let me know.

9:59 PM  
Anonymous chuck said...

I'm pretty sure it's Carly Simon.

12:53 PM  

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