Sunday, July 13, 2008

You gotta wonder...

You gotta wonder about people sometimes.

Ate brunch at my favorite spot downtown today. Ordered the usual: mountain eggs, mixed fruit and brunch potatoes. Favorite server Lindsey waited on us. Found out she's working toward a doctorate in forensics at UT. She wants to go into law enforcement.

Headed over to McKay's with time to kill before "Vertigo" at the Tennessee Theatre. Found a couple of good pieces on Hemingway, a travel book on Vietnam, a memoir I'd read good reviews about, and a Lost Generation classic.

While strolling down the biography aisle, I noticed two roughnecks, out of place, hastily coming in my direction.

"I didn't know this many people read," one said, loudly, to the other.

I looked up, sporting what I'm sure was an angry look.

"Yeah, it's great. Some of these books don't even have pictures!"

During the movie, a couple of hours later, the guy two seats down from me actually laughed -- loudly -- when the police officer falls to his death off a roof at the start of the film.

"I didn't know this was a comedy," said I to the person on my left.

"Me either. What a moron."

Still, it's difficult to ruin the screening of a Hitchcock classic in an old-time movie palace. I went home happy, still wondering, though, about the guy who laughed out of place.

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