Friday, November 21, 2008


Bud Selig has got to go.

Baseball's commissioner again and again proves that he is the most inept man to ever hold the position. He's a joke. He's a disgrace. He needs to go.

Somebody should have known that making a baseball owner commissioner would be a huge mistake. Selig has more than lived up to this admonition.

His mishandled the strike as interim commissioner. He took an ostrich-like approach to the steroids controversy. See no evil, hear no evil. He botched a decision at the 2003 All-Star Game which ended, for the first time, in a tie.

And he nearly ruined the World Series this year, barely avoiding a situation in which a Series game could have been decided by default as a rainout.

Baseball has been in trouble for a long time. Its history proves that the national game has a remarkable resiliency, though. I suspect it will survive even Bud Selig.

But, he needs to go. When somebody writes a book on Selig's life, why not title the baseball chapter "Too little, too late"?

Or simply call it "Inept." That would describe the last 14 years rather nicely.

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Blogger Chris F. said...

Bud is a poster boy for incompetence in pro sports. For the most part, owners should just make sure the balance sheet is in the black and sign the paychecks. But keep them away from the field.

8:29 AM  

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