Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Why I love it...

Saw the funniest sight yesterday.

Went to the dentist (ugh) to get my teeth cleaned. Oh, it wasn't too bad. I like talkin' to the doc and the hygienist.

But, anyway, back to my story. So, I pull onto Afton Drive and notice a guy in an old hat, kneeling on the ground, whittling. I thought it was odd because he was sittin' by the road in the pouring rain, just carving on a stick.

"Only in Halls," I thought.

I was late for my appointment, but made a mental note to chat with him a minute when the appointment ended. But, sadly, the whittler had left.

Don't think I'd want to sit in the rain, but sometimes I think we should all take a break and just figuratively whittle awhile. Seems like it would be good for the soul.

Sights like that are one reason why I love Halls. That and a bunch of good friends, I tell ya.

Today, Dwight Smith stopped by to plug his upcoming baseball showcase. Dwight is a longtime high school coach. And you know me -- I'll take just about any excuse to talk baseball.

After Dwight left, Shay handed me a vintage National Geographic that my buddy Doug Harned had left for me to peruse. Doug stopped by to give me the magazine and chat a minute. I can't tell you how much I appreciate people who come around when they don't want anything other than to talk.

Speaking of that, Gib Galyon called a few minutes later to say thanks. Gib is a true character -- a friend I met through the Fountain City Lions Club. All he wanted to do was give me a hard time and say the Club appreciated the blurb I ran in the paper last week about a fundraiser. He kept me laughing during the whole phone call.

I don't make much money, I get stressed out too easily. I know I could always be a better writer and a better worker. But, I love it, folks. I love it.

Today is just one of a million reasons why.


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