Thursday, May 14, 2009

Games people play

Human beings are funny.

Some of our rituals are downright bizarre. One of my least favorites involves dating -- and getting to know a new friend.

I have always hated the notion that you have to back off at first, play it cautious, keep it close to the vest. Others tell me this is one of my "mistakes." And, I suppose it's led to a few disappointments. But, heck, I jump right in head first. If I like you -- whether you're a woman I want to get to know, or even just a friend, you'll know it right away. I don't bother to hide it. It's a good way.

I'll tell you what I hate, though. Despise, even. It's this psychological game playing business. Pretend you don't "like" them (I HATE when that word is used in this context.) Play hard to get. Drop off the face of the earth for a few days. It's balderdash.

I reflect often about the Grand Canyon that sometimes exists between men and women. Think back to my experiences. Write about it from time to time in both my musings and my fiction. Texas author Larry McMurtry observes it better than any other scribe I know. It is one of life's mysteries.

Joe South sang a song years ago called "Games People Play." It contains a great line. "But neither one will ever give in. So they gaze at an 8x10. Thinkin' back on things that might have been. And pray the other was to blame."


Whether she knows it or not, a good friend disappointed me last weekend. I will be honest. It hurt. Then I got over it. Said, "What the hell." Not going to worry about it anymore. But, it's sad.

Then there's this other situation. I can't bring myself to verbalize what I feel. For reasons both legitimate and imagined.

So here's to being honest. To meaning what you say, now, and saying what you mean.

It's probably too much to hope for. But, it's a pretty thought.


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