Wednesday, February 22, 2012

For those who still love No. 45

I make no secret at this blog or anywhere else that I'm an unabashed fan of Johnny Majors.

When I was a kid, Coach Majors was Tennessee football. He was a single-wing star in the mid-1950s, won a national championship at Pitt in '76 and came marching back home to Rocky Top in 1977. It took awhile, but Majors brought UT football back to national prominence.

1992 was a year that broke my heart. First, longtime trainer and Majors friend Tim Kerin died. Then, Coach Majors underwent heart surgery. When he returned to the helm, Tennessee lost three SEC games in a row.

In a move that has left a bad taste in the mouths of some of us ever since, Majors was forced out. The announcement came on Friday the 13th at a hotel in Memphis. Johnny Majors, Tennessee's favorite son, was kicked out the door.

Today, I found this video, in which Coach Majors, who again lives in Knoxville, talks about coming to play at Tennessee from his home in Lynchburg. This is one of the best clips I've ever seen.

For those who remember, for those who still love No. 45 and the old-school coach in the coat and tie, this one's for you.

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