Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day at The Waynesville Inn

Waynesville, N.C. -- Happy St. Patrick's Day from The Waynesville Inn.

This charming valley, tucked into the mountains, is showing signs of spring, cute and quaint, growing green just in time for St. Paddy's Day.

Yes, I've had some green beer. Yes, I've also had some Guinness.

We are celebrating my birthday here at the Inn, which sports a spa, a golf course, a tavern and a three-star restaurant.

In the 1920s, the dairy farm that occupied the current property was sold to Jim Long, according to hotel literature. Donald Ross designed the golf course and the rest is history. It opened as Waynesville Country Club in 1926. Famous guests include Chi-Chi Rodriguez, Arnold Palmer, Billy Graham and President Richard Milhous Nixon.

We went downtown today. I ducked into that endangered species otherwise known as an independent bookstore, Blue Ridge Books. Bought a New York Times. Jenn bought me Stephen King's JFK novel, "11/22/63." She shopped at a store that has a moving sale. I bought a festive hat and a new pair of rose-colored glasses.

We came back to the country club and enjoyed some brews and a burger at The Tap Room. I had bought a Romeo y Julieta downtown and smoked it on the deck after lunch while finishing off my Guinness. We have reservations at the Cork and Cleaver at 6.

Sing a chorus of "Danny Boy," eat, drink and be merry today.

Life is good.

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Blogger billwillie57 said...

Good day Jake, sounds like you both are haning a great time! Janice & I love this town! Enjoy!!

12:02 AM  

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