Monday, April 30, 2012

A great get well gift

Talk about a great "get well" gift.

My friend Charles Robert Davenport, former teacher at the old Brickey Elementary and a long-time librarian (now retired) in the Knox County Schools, called me last week.

"I've got some vinyl records here if you'd like to have them," he said in his trademark laconic tone.

I did not meet Mr. Davenport until briefly working in public relations for Knox County in late 2002/early 2003 until illness forced me to resign the position. "Mr. D" had left Brickey long before I became a student there.

So, I met him for lunch today just before going to the medical center to receive my CPAP machine. He pretty much let me take my pick of a variety of vinyls, including country, classical, gospel, and Broadway and film soundtracks.

As I type this, I'm listening to the late and great Eddy Arnold sing "Faded Love" and "The Tennessee Waltz" and (on another album), one of my favorites, Eddy's excellent cover of "Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye," performed in the crooner style that became his trademark. Every time I hear Eddy, he always makes me think of Marshal Andy Smalls, who has to be Eddy Arnold's biggest fan.

Next up is either Glen Campbell or "South Pacific." We'll see when I summon the energy to get up.

Wish me luck on this CPAP, y'all. I think it might make me a new man.

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