Friday, April 27, 2012

One last 'Dark Shadows' post

Folks, I feel like total crap.

LONG story made short, which you don't care about anyway, a couple of months ago my blood pressure skyrocketed to 186/116. Soon I began having occasional coughing fits that were soon followed by dizziness, seeing stars and thinking I was going to pass out.

Had a sleep study Wednesday night. Was awakened at 1 a.m. and given a CPAP machine to wear. It made a big difference and it looks like I'll be wearing one at night for some time.

Yesterday, I developed a throbbing migraine headache. Then I got dizzy, saw the stars and almost passed out twice. At the Halls High Academic Banquet, I "recognized" a complete stranger whom I mistook as a girl I've known for 10 years.

Tough night.

So, I thought I'd do something fun before trying to get to sleep and give you a glimpse of my "Dark Shadows" collection.

Included in the photograph are a complete set of all 32 Dan "Marilyn" Ross Paperback Library "Dark Shadows" books from 1966-72 (and a few other Paperback Library books tied to the series, including a photo collection from the late Jonathan Frid), the 1969 soundtrack LP, and two later books on the series, "The Dark Shadows Companion" and "Dark Shadows: Return to Collinwood," the latter released earlier this year.

Have a good weekend, y'all.

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