Monday, June 18, 2012

Clinton in the rear-view

Well, the good news is I don't have a kidney stone.

The "bad" news is I have an inflamed SI joint. Been here before. It hurts like hell, but you get over it.

Meanwhile, I have been taking it easy tonight and listening to Bill Clinton's memoirs -- the audio version -- which I got as a "credit" from

I prefer reading books to listening to audiobooks unless I'm on the road. This is a special case, though. I promised my friend Matthew Shelton years ago I would one day listen to Clinton's memoirs if I could find an inexpensive version and if Clinton himself was reading it. I told him it couldn't be any worse than the torturous Jimmy Carter audiobook he and his wife, Susan, bought me as a gag gift one year. (I stopped listening to it after 10 minutes.)

Long story made short, I had a few credits built up at It's a neat service. You get one "credit" a month and can download a book to either your computer or to your tablet. Since I had a credit built up, and I enjoy reading presidential memoirs, I figured now would be as good a time as any.

So far, my favorite story Clinton has told was the day he wore cowboy boots to school when he knew he'd be skipping rope in gym class. Heh, heh.

You know Clinton. Two hours of talking and he still hasn't gotten to the presidency. (Remember that marathon introduction he gave for Dukakis in '88?) I'm glad I didn't buy the unabridged version. Sheesh.

I did not support Bill Clinton either time he ran for office. But, I've grown to like him over the years. Given his successors, he's looking better in the rear-view mirror.

Plus, given the passage of time, which allows for better assessment of his administration, I now believe his biggest mistake as president had nothing to do with his zipper. No, I would argue Clinton's blunder came in 1994, when he refused to intervene in Rwanda, still reeling from the fallout from Black Hawk Down.

The 1990s seem like a long time ago. I do not believe Clinton will go down as a great president. I will say, though, that I'd vote for him in a heartbeat if his name were on the ballot this fall.

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