Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The no-no

When J.J. Hardy's fly ball landed in Magglio Ordonez's glove sometime just after quarter-past nine tonight, you could feel it. Electric. Special. Once in a lifetime.

Justin Verlander jumped twice on the mound. Then he found himself in the arms of his catcher Pudge Rodriguez. The Detroit Tigers ace had done it.

A no-hitter.

Let's say it again. A no-hitter.

What makes this so special is the wilderness years. All those seasons, all those losses.

But it's a memory now. That 119 loss season? Can barely remember it.

Yes it's true. The Tigers are baseball elite.

Verlander was stunning tonight. Twelve strikeouts. Four walks. And the big goose egg in the hit column.

He got some help. Neifi Perez nabbed a grounder at short, starting a double play that continued the no-no. Curtis Granderson and Gary Sheffield kept up their hot hitting. Brandon Inge went deep.

But tonight belongs to Verlander. Chances are he'll never see anything like this again. The Tigers hadn't seen it since 1984, that year of years, when Jack Morris blanked the White Sox in April.

This is the greatest game. You'll never convince me otherwise.

All you had to do was feel the 1.21 gigawatt shock of electricity surging through Comerica Park when Maggs caught the final out.

One to remember, y'all. One to remember...

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