Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I am an unashamed nostalgic.

People tell me all the time that I was born in the wrong era. And, as much as I like TiVO and modern medicine, I suspect they're probably right.

Course, that might also mean the multiple kidney stones I've had would have killed me back then. Minor details, friends, minor details.

There wasn't too much on the tube last night after I got home from work. So I went surfing on the Web and came across this great site, live365.com. It boasts all kinds of radio stations, most of them free, all loaded with different programming.

I was delighted to discover that several stations are devoted to classic old-time radio. Even better, the shows, at least on the station I tuned into last night, appear to have been digitally remastered.

What's fun about this site as opposed to an on-demand OTR site is you're at the mercy of the disc jockey rather than you're own inclinations. So I dialed in a "catch all" station and eased back in the recliner for a few minutes before bedtime.

Jack Benny came on first, followed by "Duffy's Tavern" and "George Burns and Gracie Allen." "The Life of Reilly" popped up as I was heading to bed.

Later, I had trouble sleeping, so I went to the couch and caught another Jack Benny before finally drifting off to sleep.

Most of these shows are a bit silly. The plots, shall we say, aren't exactly the most witty. But, it's fun and you get a kick out of the special effects and anachronisms like cigarette commercials.

The site isn't relegated to old-time radio, though. Live365 have channels filled with any kind of music you could want. I'll definitely be surfing back again on nights before baseball, or when I happen to be home and our wonderful slate of broadcast and TV channels don't offer anything -- which seems to happen with more and more regularity.

I swear there was more good stuff on back when we only got three or four stations...

Info: www.live365.com

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Blogger Jamie said...

Cool blog post about live365.

I'm a CBS Radio Mystery Theater and Suspense! guy myself (actually, I like a lot of those, but mostly mysteries - Nightfall is particularly good!)

Anyhow, I'm the host of another live365 stream, you might like it (I've seen a parallel between people who like the music I play and people who like OTR as it's called, seems when people have had their fill of OTR, they listen to this kind of music and when they've had enough music, they listen to OTR)


The reason I don't link straight to live365 is two-fold, one, it's easier to bookmark/remember and two, if I ever switch stream providers, I don't want to leave listeners in the lurch.

Give it a try if you like this kind of stuff, best described as "bachelor pad" it's a type of music that was popular in through the 50's and 60's among those who weren't into rock. (although there are still artists making the stuff)

I find it goes pretty good with OTR and have actually considered teaming up with one of the OTR people to create kind of "combo station".

8:41 AM  

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