Friday, May 16, 2008

'The Cuz' graduates

Oh, the passing of time.

The world goes by at such a blur. You look up one day and 5, 10, 15 years have disappeared. They tell me it gets worse the older you get.

Cousin Jaren graduated from high school last night. We gathered at a favorite eatery, P.F. Chang's, to celebrate.

I thought back to a long-ago trip to Myrtle Beach, when a young Jaren used to make his mother align the bite marks on his McDonald's hamburger and bun if they got out of line. I remembered the time he didn't want to wear an outfit to school; when he didn't get his way, he frowned in the class photo, as if he'd been sucking persimmon. He owns more pairs of tennis shoes that anyone I've ever seen -- all in immaculate condition.

Needless to say, Jaren has always been a favorite.

He loves his family, is kind of sensitive, possesses an off-beat sense of humor. He's struggled with juvenile diabetes for a lotta years, and learned to give himself shots without a word of protest.

I can't even imagine trying to come of age in today's social climate. But I wish Jaren, and his generation, all the best.

Godspeed, bubba.


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