Sunday, September 07, 2008

Loving women

My (mis)adventures with members of the opposite sex could probably make for an amusing sitcom.

Somebody once told me they think I've loved every girl I've ever been close to, and I guess to a certain extent that's true. "You loved all the women," they said. I laughed, knowing all too well what they meant.

But, getting serious, I guess I've really only loved -- in the true sense of what that's supposed to mean -- three women in my life. The first one never really knew me (or herself, I dare say). I didn't trust the second one. And the third one? Well, let's just say the timing was all wrong and leave it at that.

Don't know why I'm thinking about all this on a quiet Sunday morning before football. I'm thinking one of them must have shown up in a dream last night. But I can't remember. It's all faded away.

I dare say that a man never loved a woman as much as I did that cute little girl years ago. It was full of the bliss and innocence of a first love. But, I was cautious, unsure of myself, never could articulate what I felt. Time has proven that it worked out for the best.

Life is funny. I see a lot of miserable people and wonder how it could get so messed up. In my sometimes naive "Ozzie and Harriet" view of the world, it all seems so simple. But, of course, it isn't.

I tend to believe the lie anyway.

OK, enough of that. Let's go watch some football.


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