Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday evening coming down

Well, I managed not to trip and stumble through my speech to the Halls Business and Professional Association during the lunch hour.

(As you've probably guessed, I was a back-up choice.)

Told 'em about going to New York the first time, being tongue-tied while running into Tom Selleck on the street, and writing about Catfish Dave, John R. McCloud, Bruce Blakely, and several other highlights of my 13-year Shopper News magical mystery tour.

Also offered one of my favorite lines from Charles Kuralt:

"The everyday kindness of the backroads more than makes up for the greed in the headlines."

Listening to "Elvis Himselvis," as GK calls him. Bill Rock's not really bringing A material (this is a repeat of Saturday night's show), but the second hour is to feature music and more from "Elvis on Tour." Part of that -- a brief part -- was filmed in Knoxville, by the way.

What's new with you?

Doesn't the devastation in Oklahoma make you sick? Good news: the death toll isn't as high as first reported. Some children survived. An elderly woman was reunited with her dog. The people seem resilient. That's the American way.

Three more days and I'm on vacation. First one of the year. Can't wait. Baseball. Birmingham.

Well, have a good night. We'll talk soon.

Thanks for dropping by. 


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