Monday, June 25, 2012

A G-rated kind of guy...

So, I found out today my SI joint is inflamed. Got a shot. Got some meds. Hurt like hell. It's OK. Not a stone.

Plus, like my friend Brent Williams says, "Anything less than a dirt nap is a dang fine day, tater."

I came home this afternoon and curled up on the couch. And I watched Elvis and Mary Tyler Moore in "Change of Habit."

I had intended to screen "Paradise, Hawaiian Style," using any excuse to spend time in the islands, but I got into a Facebook discussion about Mary Tyler Moore. Plus, I'd started to watch Elvis' last dramatic film the other night and fell asleep.

So, I tried it again and it made me grin. Elvis looks great and is basically playing himself. Mary Tyler Moore is cute and perky and everything else that made me fall in love with her years ago when she played Mary Richards and Laura Petrie.

Oh, I know. Elvis movies are corny and silly. Well, that's why I like 'em. Especially when I'm sick.

Don't get me wrong. Some of them are unwatchable or downright embarrassing. But, you know, sometimes I just want to watch a fun story with a likable lead, peppered with girls and great locations, good old-fashioned fights, a song or 10, and a happy ending just as the credits roll.

Not everything has to be sophisticated seriousness, 90 minutes of Adam Sandler, or boom, boom, doom and gloom. Plus, in a lot of ways, I'll always be a G-rated kind of guy.

(Most of the time.)

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