Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Rollin' with the flow

Can't sleep. Thought I'd duck in and say hello. Hope you're doing well. If you're on the road or in the air this week, take care and be safe.

Life is good. Old friends are back. The music sounds great. The words still rhyme.

You know, I have ups and downs just like anyone else, but when you stop and take stock, one can't help but notice how sweet it is, to quote The Great One.

Even in 100-degree heat, think about the soldiers and Marines who deal with this on a daily basis in conditions we can't fathom.

Did I have food on the table? Check.

Did I have a bed on which to lay my head? Check.

Did I have a job at which to work? Check.

Yeah, life is good.

Politics and ignorance and just plain rudeness get me down.

But then I think about grins and friends and how the harmony blends. The King. The Killer. The Duke. The Drifter.

Family and fans and enemies, too, if I have any. If I do, I hate to hear it. And I love you anyway.

Take a load off, Fanny, and have a laugh on me, 'cause I can help.

You do what you want. I'll be the guy laughing too loudly, talking too much, singing when I shouldn't, grinning through it all.

You've got to laugh to keep from cryin', right?

Plus, I still love rock and roll,

And I keep on rollin' with the flow...


Blogger Lola Alapo said...

Rock on, my friend! Here's to hoping you get some rest today.

8:30 AM  
Blogger Lola Alapo said...

Rock on, my friend! Good perspective shift. Here's to hoping you get some rest today.

8:31 AM  

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