Saturday, March 31, 2007

Hawaii dreamin'

Can't watch baseball every day. At least, not till Monday!

Spent most of the weekend indoors. Migraine. Really bad this time. Isn't going away.

I tend to seek escape when I get like this. Want nothing more than to lose myself in something. This weekend, my thoughts are riding the surf into shore on our 50th state.

Always loved Hawaii. First fell in love with it with "Five-0" re-runs. Then came Tom Selleck and "Magnum, p.i." Thanks to DVDs, I am enjoying both programs again.

The latter is the better show. Better acting, better writing.

Perhaps the best thing about "Magnum" was its sensitivity to Vietnam veterans. No show before or since better portrayed the lingering affects of that war on those who fought it.

But "Five-0" is fun. There's something appealing to Jack Lord's "I Am the Law" approach to Steve McGarrett. Oahu looked beautiful back in the late '60s, too. Wish I could have seen it then.

Looked around online for authentic Hawaiian literature. Found a few authors. If you happen upon this and can recommend some good island reading, shoot me an e-mail at I'm looking for something a little more engaging (and native) than James Michener.

Hoping to get to Hawaii next year just in time to celebrate my 30th birthday. Keep your fingers crossed.

OK, now it's back to the couch and the UCLA/Florida game. But don't be surprised if you don't hear an old Kui Lee tune emanating from Halls tonight. Probably the one about her sweet laughter, mornings after, and remembering her long after this, when the summer is gone.

Aloha, y'all.


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